Affiliate Program

Make 10% commission for all sales referral!

The Breeze Comfort Affiliate program empowers you to start making money by promoting a market changing product. Our sports bras and bras are based on patented bra pad technology that is breathable ensuring maximum comfort to the wearer.

It’s absolutely FREE to join and can instantly start earning streams of income for you. The best part is that you don’t even need a website to be a part of this program. This is the real power of this affiliate program.

Why “Breeze Comfort”?

Breeze Comfort is committed to producing the best bras and sports using the patented technology while maintaining affordability.

We leverage an industry leading affiliate solution provided by Pro Affiliate Pro. The platform gives our affiliates easy to use tools necessary to track, create, and manage their campaigns.

How does it work?

Whether you have a website or not, you can earn referral fees anyway once you apply. Referral fees are commission that we pay out to our affiliates on sales that their refer to us. The unique part about our program is that we have Lifetime commission. Meaning, no matter how long it takes your referral to buy or how many times they buy, you will receive a commission. There is no expiration. Furthermore, there is a tiered program. So, if your friend also sign up as an affiliate you will receive commission from their sales. We currently have 3 tiers setup. You will receive 2% lifetime commission on any sales from tier 2 (your friends who sign up as affiliates). You will receive 1% commission on any sales from tier 3 (your friend's friends who sign up as affiliates)

  1. If you have a website
  2. By simply placing links on your site to our website (whether simple text links or banners that we provide you), you get paid referral fees for every piece sold. You will be paid 10% of the sale value.

    All you have to do is apply and you will automatically be redirected to a page where you can choose from a range of banners or text links that you can place on your website. The specific code for you is provided below each banner / text link – All you have to do is to cut and paste the appropriate code on your page and you’re up and away. That’s it. We will send you an email with your login and password and the URL where you can see how many visitors you are referring and how many sales are being generated.

  3. If you don’t have a website
  4. You simply tell your friends about our products through email. We will provide the templates. If they buy, you will get 10% commission. You will get 2% commission from your friends' sales and 1% commission from your friend's friends sales.

Why join?

    Here are just a few reasons:

  1. It’s FREE!
  2. add value to your website and your words
  3. if someone visits our site and does not buy today, but re-visits the site anytime and purchases one of our products, you still earn your referral fee! And best of all, if they ever come back and buy more, you still earn commission.
  4. you can track your earnings in real time
  5. we take care of everything - charging the credit cards, shipping the orders, and providing any customer service necessary
  6. Our payouts are the quickest and we keep a track of when your payout is due - no beating around the bush, no delays and certainly no headaches for you.

So why are we doing this?

We strongly believe in our products and have already gotten many feedbacks. We are committed to improve and add new products based on our revolutionary design. We want to reach as many people as possible so they can also experience our great products. For this we need your support. We look forward to your building the “Breeze Comfort” family among people known to you. AND we’ll do all we can to help you.

When do I get paid?

All payouts are done when you have a minimum payout due of $50 and 30 days after the sale is made (that’s our return policy). We make payouts at the beginning of every month.

All payouts are made directly into your Paypal account. We recommend you open a Paypal account if you do not already have one. Joining Paypal is free and makes payouts to you convenient and instant.

Ready to join?

Signing up and getting your account configured couldn't be easier. You can be referring business our way in as little as five minutes.

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